Kensington Business District Association welcomes you! We are a diverse group of business owners that operate in the 20895 zip code, known as the Greater Kensington , Maryland area .

Our members operate their businesses between two regional commercial arteries and directly astride a third.  Roughly midway between Rockville Pike on the west and Georgia Avenue on the east and bisected by Connecticut Avenue, greater Kensington is an economic anchor for a sizeable portion of Montgomery County.  At its core, the Town of Kensington, incorporated in 1894, represents a culturally and economically diverse population. Our businesses range from Mom and Pop stores to multi-million dollar Corporations.

The 20895 Kensington Business District Association is dedicated to providing a forum to exchange ideas and address the challenges facing the 20895 business community.  We look forward to your membership so that we may provide a unified voice to meet these challenges.

Dennis O. McCurdy, President
Kensington Business District Association

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20895  Kensington Business District Association (KBDA) April 2009

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